Malaysia students 2A variety of educational opportunities exist in the following areas:

Global health
Infectious diseases
Endocrinology, immunology
Human behavior
Evolutionary biology
Wildlife conservation
Science communication

Takasakiyama studentsThe Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas at San Antonio has multiple degree options, including MA and PhD and collaborative research options. There are several faculty members specializing in biological anthropology and students are pursuing a range of dissertation projects, from primate behavioral ecology/conservation and population genetics, to human-animal relations and reproductive/environmental health. There is a critical mass of people and resources devoted to the study of primates as well as infectious diseases throughout campus and the region, which also includes the Southwest National Primate Research Center, University of Texas Health Science Center, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, the US Army Medical Orlando ToursDepartment Center, Brooke Army Medical Center, the Wilford Hall (Airforce) Medical Center, and the South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases. We have access to superb laboratory facilities and many different fieldsites.

At this time, I am particularly excited to hear from students interested in one of the following project topics: estrogen-mediated immunity, immunological senescence in Great apes, ecology of Cercopithecine B virus, oral and fecal microbiomes of chimpanzees, evolution of human sickness behaviors (and parasite-mediated host behaviors), evolution of disgust and Malaysia students 3avoidance behaviors, vaccination acceptance in immigrant populations, immunological outcomes of PTSD, evolutionary biology in medical education, experimental conservation psychology, primate-based tourism and biophilia, and human-wildlife conflict.

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